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I moved from the West Coast to Chicago in 1996 and started Chicagopictures as a way to share the city to friends and family back home. I started with a small Nikon digital camera, quickly moved to film, and more recently have moved to all digital. The jury is still out on the digital photography for my Chicago stuff.

Twin Lights Publishers was nice enough to hook me up with my first book. I am just about done shooting my second book, which should be out in spring of 2010.

As soon as I finish the migration to this new site, I am going to update my studio site RealLifeFotos When I am not shooting Chicago, I run a computer consulting firm, Firefly Network Services, Inc., that specializes in law firms and businesses under 35 users.

While I do sell prints here, the purpose of the website is educational in nature. If you need a photo for any sort of educational purpose or if you would like one for your website but cannot afford it please contact me at chicago @

08.17.09 I enabled GPS tagging for my photos and started adding the data to existing photos. Thankfully my new gps tagger will be here soon so it will auto add the photos to the map.

If you are coming to Hawaii, check out my brother's Food Tour of Hawaii he does a walking food and cultural tour of Honolulu's Chinatown

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